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Term and condition for hiring new helpers from overseas
During Covid-19 Phase 2, Employer must agree with the payment of 14-day SHN residence $1500 and covid test $200 first.

If you agree on this, please call us to find out more and we will get new helper to interview.

Why choose us ?
  • We are MOM Licensed Agency (18C9238)
  • We are online base and we are more on digital service
  • Our agency fee is reasonable
  • We have "Zero MOM Demerit Point"
  • We have high retention rate and Low transfer rate
  • We provide Fast Delivery to your doorsteps without too much hassle
  • We are Flexible and Convenience
  • We provide insurance that covered for Covid19, Dengue, TCM, Medical insurance , Indemity, Security Bonds
  • We arrange online interview with helper at least 1 day in advance

Our Service
  • Providing of FDW from Indonesian and Myanmar 
  • Apply MOM paperwork 
  • Application & cancellation of work permits 
  • Escorted FDW to Airport
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